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US Club Soccer Forms

Age Charts: July 31, 2015 – Aug. 1, 2016 [.pdf] | Birth-year registration and season matrix [.pdf]

Youth Player Registration Form & Medical Treatment Authorization Form (#R002-Y)

This form combines the player’s medical treatment authorization, and a confirmation the player is registering with your club. This form must be retained for at least five (5) years or until the player’s 18th birthday, whichever occurs last. This form is required and teams must certify they are in possession of it when cards are requested, the club will retain this form unless requested by US Club Soccer.

Adult Player Registration Form (#R002-A)
This form is required of all adult players (over U-20) who are registering through their club with US Club Soccer. This form must be retained for a minimum of five (5) years. Instead of uploading a proof of birth document with each player’s registration, please upload this completed form for each player. NOTE: Any player competing on an adult team that is U-19 or younger must also include a parent’s signature on the form and submit proof of birth. (Registro para Jugadores Adultos en Español)

Rec Registration Form (#R003-R)
This form is an Excel spreadsheet that is used to register rec players.

Super Rec Registration Form (#R003-SR)

This form is only for those that have received permission to register as super rec and do not need passcards. Please discuss with your respective Membership Services Rep before completing.

Player Loan Form (#R007)

Use this form to loan a player for a specific competition from one US Club Soccer member to the other. A copy of the completed loan form should be taken by the coach or manager to the competition. The player shall use the player pass issued to his primary club.  The completed loan form must be submitted to the US Club Soccer administrator for your area.

Member Confirmation Memo (#C011)
You may download a copy of the letter that was sent with your passcards. You may use it at U.S. Soccer-affiliated tournaments to answer questions that may arise about insurance, travel, rosters, etc. If you would like a more specific letter, e-mail your regional administrator. If you need a certificate of insurance to travel to a non-US Club Soccer-sanctioned tournament, see Request for Certificate of Insurance (#C012).

Staff Background Check Application

Details about who must complete a background check is included on the subsequent page.

The staff background check application must be submitted every two years – after July 1 in the year the passcard is to be issued or expires. Staff passcards will not be issued until the individual’s application is reviewed and approved. Rec coaches must complete an application in the first year they are registered via the rec roster. 

Interim Staff Background Check-Self Reporting (#R004-SR)
This form is to be used to report any arrests for a felony or other crime of violence, or any other act or pattern of behavior of a US Club Soccer staff member which may have or in the future might put youth players at risk.


APPLICATION – Youth Competitive League (#R005-YC)
Use this form to apply to sanction your youth competitive league with US Club Soccer.

APPLICATION – Recreational Program (#R005-YR)
Use this form to apply to sanction your youth recreational program/league with US Club Soccer.

APPLICATION – Adult League (#R005-A)
Use this form to apply to sanction your adult league with US Club Soccer.

APPLICATION – Renew League Sanctioning (#R005-R)
For leagues currently sanctioned by US Club Soccer. Please use this form to renew your league sanctioning with US Club Soccer.


Sanctioned Tournament Hosting Application Packet [.docx]
For members wishing to host a tournament. If approved, we stamp as such & send it back to you. Send the approved application to invitees, with the Fact Sheet.

Please note that if you are applying for tournament sanctioning within 60 days of your event, special permission is needed before your application is submitted. Please contact your membership services representative regarding this matter.

As the approval of applications is based in part on the host club being a member in good standing at the time of the tournament, hosting applications are processed during the following windows:

  • From Jan. 1 through June 30, applications will be processed for events taking place through Dec. 31 of that calendar year.
  • From July 1 through Dec. 31, applications will be processed through June 30 of the following calendar year.

If your tournament or competition will include any international teams, please visit the U.S. Soccer Resources section of the Members Area for additional details and requirements.

NOTE: An important update was made to the sanctioned tournament hosting application packet. For more information, please visit the Sanctioned Tournaments web page.

Team Attendee List Template (#C013)

US Club Soccer requires submission of a list of attending teams and contact information to [email protected] within 10 days of the tournament’s conclusion. Minimally, this shall include coach and manager names, e-mail addresses and states of all attending teams. This template is provided as a courtesy.

Sanctioned Tournament Insurance Supplement Form

Supplemental tournament insurance is offered to hosts of US Club Soccer-sanctioned tournaments in order to obtain liability and accident insurance coverage for all non-US Club Soccer participating teams. (Teams using US Club Soccer passcards already have insurance coverage.) This simplifies attendance for teams, especially if a number of non-US Club Soccer teams are not able to obtain insurance from their state association. To do so, please complete and follow the instructions on this form.


Request for Certificate of Insurance (#C012) – multiple | single
If you are in need of a Certificate of Insurance for your club or a facility you are utilizing, please complete and return to your regional administrator. Allow a minimum of three business days for processing. Certificates of insurance are valid for a calendar year, and can be issued for the upcoming year beginning in late December.

Insurance Claim Verification (#R011) 

The team coach or manager will submit this form for processing when a parent submits an insurance claim for one of your players. This information provides verification of the players injury prior to submitting the claim to the insurance company for review.

Insurance Claims Form – Youth | Adult

These forms are accessed on the RPS Programs Bollinger Sports & Leisure website. Please note that a claimant has 90 days from date of injury to submit claim form.

Request for Fundraiser Certificate of Liability Coverage (#IN001)
Submit this form to request a certificate of liability coverage for a fundraiser. US Club Soccer reviews coverage for fundraisers by examining certificate requests on an
individual basis.


Referee Report (#C006)
Use this referee report as your game report for all US Club Soccer competitions.

Competition Incident Report (#C007)
Use this form to report any competition incidents which must be presented to the Discipline Committee, pursuant to the US Club Soccer Disciplinary Policies.