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Houstonians Fútbol Club

Houstonians Fútbol Club

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Please feel free to contact our staff below. If you are unable to contact someone with our club, they are unlisted below, unresponsive to you or for ease of rescheduling games - please contact the HFC Executive Staff by email or by leaving a message at 713-364-5196. They will follow up to ensure that your issue is properly addressed.

Oscar Cruz - Houstonians FC - DOC (Boys and Girls Program)
USSF Licensed 'A'
National Youth Licensed  


[email protected]

Josh Rivas / Head Coach and Girls Program Coordinator
USSF Licensed "B"
Years Experienced 24


Dennis Lewis / Head Coach - Girls Program Coordinator
USSF Licensed 'B"

(832) 731-8726

[email protected]



Jeffrey Rodgers / HFC Head Coach and BM
USSF Licensed Coach "D"

(832) 755-7733

[email protected]



Jorge Farias / Head Coach and Volunteer
Coaching Experienced 15 Years
National Champion winner

(832) 875-6779

[email protected]


Jose Rayo / Head Coach and BM
UAB Alumni
US National Soccer Youth Team Experience


[email protected]



Juan Reyes / Head Coach
Houstonians FC Alumni 
Coaching Experience 12 Years

(832) 758-4584

[email protected]

Edwin Dimas / Team Manager and Volunteer 

(832) 657-6283

[email protected]


Noe Bastidas / Head Coach
Coaching Experience 10 years plus 
National Champion Winner

(303) 522-5263

[email protected]


Miguel Nava/ Head Coach and Volunteer
USSF National Licensed "C"

(832) 8982050

Roberto Pereznegron / Head Coach
USSF National Licensed "D"
Coaching Experienced 15 Years plus

(713) 534-4787

[email protected]


Ernesto Garza / Head Coach and Volunteer


Felix Jaimes / Head Coach and Volunteer
USSF National Licensed "D"

(832) 418-6568