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Houstonians Futbol Club

Houstonians Futbol Club

Needy Player Scholarship

Dear Potential Sponsor:

We are seeking a scholarship to cover or defray the costs for a few of our needy players to play among highest levels of Soccer in the United States and realize his/her dream of a college scholarship. 


Option 1: “We love to help” Covers league/club registrations, uniforms and ball - $350;

Option 2: “Train your heart out” Covers training dues only for one full year - $540;

Option 3: “We got you covered” Covers all registrations, uniforms, ball and full year of training - $890. 


  • Affords the privilege for a needy player to play one full season;
  • Issued in the name of your company "The YOUR COMPANY NAME Annual Scholarship";
  • Sponsorship on the club’s website on our sponsorship page (approx. 30,000 hits per month),
  • Link to your website;
  • Monthly mailer (1000 contacts) asking for their support of your company in return for your support;
  • Framed photo of the players who earned your scholarship and a copy of the scholarship certificate;
  • You set the criteria for the players to earn your scholarship, i.e., grades, athletic performance, etc.

-- About us -- 

More than fifteen years ago, City of Houston officials, program sponsors, and volunteers recognized the need for a successful competitive youth soccer program to serve as an obtainable goal for many of the children that participate in the City’s recreational youth soccer program. Toward that goal, in 1996, the Houston Parks and Recreation Department created a program that would provide an opportunity for all Houston area youth to compete in Soccer programs at the highest level of competition, regardless of economic barriers. This program was established under the name Houstonians Futbol Club (HFC).

HFC is organized as a 501(c)(3) organization which provides an opportunity for all Houston area youth, regardless of socio-economic background, to compete in soccer at a level commensurate with their talent and dedication. The club is devoted to the concept of developing sound minds and bodies and creating champions in the heart as a foundation for success in all aspects of life. For many of the youth, this training will be the key to a University education and open the doors to achieving their personal success. The players learn good sportsmanship, self respect, strong work ethic, the importance of education, and the value of diversity.

HFC teams are made up players and students with amazing talent! Under the direction of HFC leadership committee (Board of Directors), HFC teams are held to an extremely high standards. Each athlete must perform at their very best, not only on the field, but also in school and at home. These athletes train at least two times each week and compete most Saturdays and Sundays throughout the fall and spring; many teams train even more.

While our coaches/trainers are primarily comprised of volunteers, we still must pay for uniforms, league fees (referees and field maintenance), tournament registration, travel and lodging expenses associated with the out-of-town competitions. The cost associated with competing in the Eastern District Division One, State Classic Leagues, Premier Leagues, and National Leagues are far too heavy a burden for our young athletes and their parents.

Your support can make an enormous difference!

Support from you or your company means that these boys will reap the rewards for their talent on the soccer field and their dedication to the principles of hard work and esprit de corps. Remember, that your donation maybe tax deductible!

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